Deep Dive

Deep Dive

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Tuti's premium custom designed modern cloth nappies (MCN) go on just like a disposable. One size fits most design (OSFM) means you snap them to make the fit smaller if required. This size fits babies and toddlers 4-16 kgs.

Quality snaps and a good fit make for easy changes.

One nappy comes with:

  • An original print waterproof PUL outer layer lined with a premium soft suede 
  • Two super thirsty inserts. One is longer meaning it can be doubled in the front for a boy or the middle for a girl to achieve maximum absorbency without leaking. 
  • One insert is bamboo fleece 80% bamboo, 20% fleece woven through for increased durability and absorbency. The other is a booster which is a hemp/cotton blend. Natural fibres, super thirst.
  • You can snap these inserts on to the nappy or you can stuff them into the nappy via the back pocket. The choice is yours. 

    Print placement on nappies may vary. 

    If you’re wanting to purchase multiple cloth nappies, please use the following codes.

    For a three nappy trial pack of brands as selected by you, please use the code: TRIALPACK
    This will give you a 5% discount on three or more nappies.

    If you are wanting to purchase six or more nappies, please use the code: SIXPACK
    This will give you a 10% discount on 6 or more nappies.