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Little Puddin' Creations

Lobsters Night Butt

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These are a fitted night nappy that have been purpose built to survive the heaviest of wetters.

They are designed to fit children from approx 4.5kg - 20kg, depending on individual build.

They require an additional cover - I recommend wool as it is much more forgiving on fit and more breathable, but a double gusset PUL cover is also suitable. You can purchase Little Puddin’ Creations wool covers from our website as well. 

The cover is made from soft and stretchy cotton Lycra, helping you to get a lovely fit and staying soft and vibrant over many washes. There is also a layer of 500gsm bamboo and a stay dry layer of microfleece.

There are three rows of rise snaps and an extra row of crossover snaps, allowing for many fit configurations.

The leg ruffles are soft on bubs skin and allow for a lovely soft leg seal, meaning no harsh marks in the morning! I know some don’t like leg ruffles, I personally have had my Bub get nasty marks from another brand, but these ones are much softer due to the soft thread used, and I’ve not had any marks left on my son.

The inserts now all have white snaps, and snap in at the back to allow an easy fit onto those crocodiles. Both inserts and cover are overlocked with matching iconic turquoise thread, making them easy to spot in the washing basket!

There are two inserts: a long snake anchor and a long booster. Both are two layers; one of 500gsm bamboo/hemp and one of 500gsm bamboo. They can be folded in a variety of ways depending on where you want absorbancy, and the booster can even be placed outside the nappy under the cover if that gets you a better fit.

All Night Butts from this release forward will have only white microfleece inside instead of the previous colours used. 

Placement may vary.