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Fred & the Ladybug

Pretty Paisley Smock 12m-36m

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Fred & the Ladybug baby smocks are designed to protect clothes from food stains and avoid outfit changes after messy meal times. The smocks have waterproof sleeves to stop arms that are dragged over food from stains, absorbent towel front to collect spills with a waterproof panel to protect spills from soaking through, versatile for any style highchair or table arrangement, quick and easy to get on and off and machine washable for quick and easy clean up.

Beautifully handmade baby feeding smock; smock bib; eating smock; cover all bib. Ideal for transitioning to solids, baby led weaning or messy play. Waterproof polyurethane (PUL) printed fabric arms with cotton towelling front with a panel of PUL, protecting cloths from food spills, stains and outfit changes. Machine washable.

‘6 to 18 months’ size is recommended if you are just starting your transition to solids, we recommend it for babies that wear size 00 to 0 clothes or from around 6 months to approximately 18 months or up to about 8 kilograms.

‘12 to 36 months’ is recommended from 12 months (or approximately 8kg) or babies wearing size 0+ clothes and will generally fit through size 2 or approximately 24 to 36 months. If you little one is growing quickly and younger than the 12 month guideline then this is probably the right size for them

‘2+ years’ is recommend from 24 months on wards and will fit most toddlers and children up to a size 4 in clothing. If your little one is smaller than a size 2 in clothing, this smock will be large on them!