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Lil Eco

Wood For Thought Extra Small Wet Bag

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Don’t underestimate the size of this cutie. Our extra small wet bag features two separate compartments, perfect for storing the little things in life such as make up, medication, cloth pads or a menstrual cup.

  • Measures 12cm x 16.4cm
  • Snap closure
  • Two separate pockets
  • Easily rolls up for storage in your bag or car
  • Premium PUL fabric
  • Designed and handmade in Australia


Anything a plastic bag can do, a wet bag can do better and that’s why you need one (or a few) in your life!

Wet bags are:

  • durable - don’t tear or rip
  • stylish - come in a variety of prints to reflect your personality
  • water resistant - ideal for transporting soiled or damp items
  • machine washable - use over and over again, great for both your wallet and the environment