About Us

Welcome to Marlie and I!

Marlie and I is a family run business from our home in Melbourne. We are a family of five (plus fur kids) and are passionate about supporting other family run small businesses and the environment. As such you will notice that a lot of our products are handmade by work at home mums (wahms) and/or support environmentally friendly living.

Marlie and I is a true family affair - my husband helps with some of the back-end admin, and my daughters all help pick prints for the lovely products. We also use, live and love the products we stock so you will see us and our home in a lot of the photos.

Marlie and I is named after our third daughter, Marlie, and has been an extension of the journey we are on. Marlie has different requirements to my other two daughters, which meant we ended up trialling so many products to suit her needs and reduce any environmental impact.

During our trialling, I gained a love and respect for handmade products, as well as those who put their time and effort in to create them. I knew when I started working on an online store, that I would like to showcase all of the incredible handmade products we have discovered on our journey.

We appreciate all of the support that has been shown to our business.