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Washing Information

To ensure that you maintain warranty on your products, we recommend that you follow the manufacturers advice on washing information. We have however included some basic washing information below. 

Wash Routine Basics for Cloth Nappies: 

  1. Detergent. 

  2. Remove and rinse soiling. 

  3. Pre wash cycle with detergent, within 1-2 days in 40-60°C water. 

  4. Main wash cycle with detergent, within 2-3 days in 40-60°C water.

  5. Dry.

Clean Cloth Nappies Routine


Caring for Wool Covers 

Caring for wool covers is not very difficult. Wool only requires a wash every so often.

How To Hand Wash a Wool Cover

Materials Needed:

  • Wool wash (eg Softly) or laundry detergent without enzymes (eg liquid Surf/Fab)
  • Sard soap, for stain removal
  • Lanolin
  • Fabric Softener (optional)
  • A towel

Wash Process:

Add small amount of wool suitable detergent to lukewarm water. Use Sard soap on spots that are soiled or to remove stains.

Turn cover inside out (dirtiest side) and immerse in water. If the cover has any dirty spots, gently massage the stain. Leave to soak, meanwhile prepare lanolin mixture.

Remove the cover, gently squeeze out water. Empty liquid. Refill with lukewarm water and rinse the cover.

Never twist of wring wool to remove water. 


In a mug, add a small amount of boiled water, just over a pea size of lanolin per cover, and a small amount of hand or body wash/wool wash/dishwashing detergent. Stir until it turns a milky white. The wash/detergents allows the lanolin to dissolve/emulsify* in the water, gives a more even lanolising and prevents lanolin stains from occuring. If the lanolin has not dissolved, use more wash and reheat the water for a few seconds in the microwave.

Allow your lanolin mix to cool slightly. Add the mix to approximately 0.5L of lukewarm water and swirl. Put the cover inside out and submerge.

For additional water resistance, use a 3 capfuls of a standard liquid fabric softener eg. Fluffy, Cuddly, Comfort, Huggie. 

After soaking, turn cover the right way out and squeeze excess water out (no wringing) then roll in a tea towel to remove excess water out. It can also be spun in the washing machine wrapped in the towel in a wash bag. The towel may be covered in residual lanolin, this will wash out in warm-hot water.


Dry Flat.

Caring for Cloth Pads

Cloth pads only require one wash with detergent prior to use, this can be with your nappies or normal laundry. No matter what fabric they are made from, they don’t absorb the same amount of liquid as nappies, so one wash is more than enough. You don’t need to soak them to build absorbency.

Washing Cloth Pads

Rinse after use

Rinse your pads in water until it runs clear, do this immediately after use or at the end of the day. You can do this in the shower if you prefer. You can use cold or hot water to rinse them. While it is commonly said that hot water sets blood stains, we have not experienced this. Menstrual blood has a different make-up to vascular blood as it has other substances mixed in to it (eg cervical mucus and endometrial tissue).

Pre-treat for stains

You may or may not need to pre-treat your pads, depending on if you are experiencing stains. We recommend using Sard or Sunlight bar soaps for stains – these have proven very effective on cloth nappies.

If you can’t remove stains using this method, you could try these alternative ways:

Vanish/Napisan soak for 1-2 hours (max 4 hours). Some cloth pads contain PUL, these should be soaked for minimal time so the PUL doesn't degrade.

For persistent stains, try a warm/hot pre-wash. This is a 30 minute cycle with a small amount of detergent. You could also try adding a laundry booster product (eg Vanish) to this pre-wash.

Minky is very stain resistant. Cotton or flannel may be more prone to staining.


As with cloth nappies, dry-pail until wash day.

Main wash

The same principles for clean nappies apply to cloth pads. 

Use an adequate amount of a good strong detergent since these are heavily soiled items. Use warm or hot water. Ensure you have good agitation. Use a long cycle.

You can wash your cloth pads with your main nappy wash or general laundry.


Dry using your preferred method – hanging or in the dryer. 


Information Source: Clean Cloth Nappies